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Understanding Read Phenomena by Practice with MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server

django, postgresql, mariadb, acid, sqlserver

Public and useful tool to understand phonetics

english, phonetics, pronunciation

How to test CORS configuration locally

cors, python, akamai

Understand Async Workers by Practice with Django, Gunicorn, and Gevent

django, gunicorn, gevent, concurrency

Zero Dropped Connections during Ingress Pod Updates with AWS Load Balancer Controller

kubernetes, ingress, aws

Spy on Python Objects Using Monkey Patching

python, proxy pattern, monkey patching

Understand Feature Flags by Practice with Unleash

feature flags, django, nextjs


Don't code but automate with N8N

n8n, automation, postgresql, api

Using GZIP between your backend and frontend services

javascript, csharp, datacompression, gzip

Create a certificate using Certbot through Docker

certbot, docker, certificate, cloudfront, s3

Terms of use through Auth0 Actions

auth0, django, jwt

Email and Universal Login Templates with Liquid on Auth0

auth0, liquid, ruby, sinatra

Rundeck recipe repository

rundeck, automation, django, python

Rundeck playground environment on Kubernetes

rundeck, k8s, automation, kind, postgresql

Django Admin Authentication using SSO through Auth0

django, sso, auth0, jwt

How to import a refreshed API definition on Amazon API Gateway

openapi, apigateway

Add claims to JWT through Actions on Auth0

auth0, jwt

Estimating an initial Redis setup through Locust

locust, django, redis

Running an AD-HOC POD on a SPOT node

kubernetes, network, troubleshooting

Bitcoin Node with RegTest mode using Docker

cryptocurrency, nodes, bitcoin

Caching JWKS using Redis with Django

django, drf, auth0, jwt, redis

Validating JWT: Authentication using Django Rest Framework

django, drf, auth0, jwt

Getting to know Auth0 Deploy CLI with a practical scenario

auth0, devops

Using transactions with STOMP with the help of Django STOMP

stomp, django, tests, transactions, rabbitmq, python

Sample usage of Metaclasses in Python: Taking screenshots automatically

python, proxy pattern


How to set up an Ethereum Node with Light Mode using Docker

ethereum, web3, cryptocurrency, nodes

Learning English through the spaced repetition system

english, spaced repetition

SSO with Cognito through the Authorization Code grant type

oauth, oidc, cognito, ciam, functional testing

Query compressed logs that are stored in S3 using AWS Athena

aws, serverless, bucket, sql query engine

Discover issues with performance testing

performance testing, apdex, jmeter

RegEx, Data Classes and Type Hints with Python: Learning from tweet text

gradual typing, regex, dataclasses, python

C# Web API: How to call your endpoint through integration tests

aspnet-core, csharp, tests

GKE Ingress: How to configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

kubernetes, ingress, gcp

GKE Ingress: How to fix a 502 bad gateway error

kubernetes, ingress, gcp

Production-ready shell startup scripts: The Set Builtin

bash, shell, scripts

The easiest way to run a container on GCE with Terraform

terraform, containers, gcp

You should configure env variables in one place

defensive programming, javascript

Why did I create a blog from scratch?

advice, open-source, comfort zone